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What Can’t I Put In A Dumpster?

1. Hazardous Materials: Including asbestos, lead-based paint, solvents, chemicals, and pesticides.

2. Electronics: Items like TVs, computer monitors, laptops, printers, and other electronic devices should not be disposed of in our dumpsters. Electronics contain hazardous components and should be recycled through appropriate e-waste recycling programs.

3. Refrigerators and Freezers: Anything that contains refrigerants, like refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.

4. Tires: Tires are not allowed in our dumpsters due to their size, composition, and potential for environmental contamination. Most tire retailers or local recycling centers can properly dispose of tires.

5. Batteries: This includes household batteries, automotive batteries, and any other type of battery. Batteries can leak hazardous chemicals and should be recycled at designated battery recycling centers.

6. Medical or Biological Waste: Items such as biomedical waste, infectious materials, syringes, and pharmaceuticals should never be disposed of in regular dumpsters. Proper disposal methods and facilities are available for these types of waste.

7. Propane Tanks and Gas Cylinders: These items can be dangerous if mishandled or damaged. They require specific procedures for safe disposal or recycling.

8. Flammable Liquids or Fuels: Materials such as gasoline, motor oil, diesel fuel, and other flammable liquids cannot be placed in our dumpsters due to safety hazards and environmental regulations.

9. Construction Debris with Asbestos: Any construction or demolition waste suspected to contain asbestos must be handled and disposed of separately by certified asbestos removal professionals.

10. Liquids: Dumpsters are not designed to handle liquids, including paint, chemicals, oils, or other liquid waste. Proper containment and disposal methods should be used for liquid waste.

How do you protect my driveway from being damaged by the dumpster?
We set the dumpster on slabs of wood (like in the pic below) so the dumpster is not sitting directly on your driveway.

safely placed dumpster on wood to not damage parking lot

Do you offer same-day delivery?
Yes, we offer same-day and next-day delivery if necessary.

How long can I keep a dumpster?
However long you agreed to rent it for.  We do offer shorter and longer periods than 7 days.

Am I able to move the dumpster?

Will the container be picked up automatically?
we will pick it up at the end of the agreement.

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